1. If you know me I’m never the one to complain, to disagree or even state a judgement. Even when upset I will not say anything simply because I would rather not face my problem and fight.. But the only time I say something it’s like the world turns upside down.. What kind of friend are you? …

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    Tiny baby python got confused about what sort of mouse to catch.

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    what a man

    Brb. Dying of laughter.

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    you got it dude!!!


  6. "Have you ever looked at the kindest person you know and realize they have deep, blue bags under their eyes and a slouch in their posture? That when they compliment or smile at someone, their eyes are empty and their mind is somewhere else. We seem to forget the kindest people have problems too. And we forget this because we all have hope in this world that good overcomes evil, that good things happen to good people. But the world doesn’t work like that. I wish it did."
    — Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? e.m (via regr0wn)

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    beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

    I’m pretty sure this is like the 5th time I’ve reblogged this because omg

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    1. 2008: wow I was so stupid last year
    2. 2009: wow I was so stupid last year
    3. 2010: wow I was so stupid last year
    4. 2011: wow I was so stupid last year
    5. 2012: wow I was so stupid last year
    6. 2013: wow I was so stupid last year
    7. to be continued

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    saw a man at the beach drowning. he yelled ”help, shark, help.” i just laughed. that shark wont help him

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    i can only picture these people stranded out in the middle of the ocean in this picture. like there is nothing around them for thousands of miles 



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  10. I never could understand how someone can miss someone so much.. To the point where it literally hurts you and you can’t breathe.. Until you experience it yourself.. 😔


  11. It sucks I have to resort to expressing my feeling on tumblr. Not that I mind tumblr. Nobody wants to listen to what I have to say and it really sucks having to build up so much emotions.. It just makes you want to break.

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    I don’t want to go to college but I also don’t want to NOT go to college

    What I really want is to stop existing but you can’t do that without dying and I don’t want to die either

    This is the most accurate post I have ever seen

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